My Family is Just Like Your Family Robert Tronge

I would like to tell you a little about my family and myself. 20 years ago, when I was 22, I had sex with a 15 year old! It was stupid, but my life was already a mess, she seemed nice and I needed a friend and then it happened. No, I know it didn't just happen, she was underage and I wasn't, and I was supposed to be a responsible adult. I wanted to think she was older, but I knew differently. When she told her mother, I just had to accept responsibility of my actions. I spent 5 miserable years in prison, but luckily we had a sex offender therapy group so I had the chance to work through the problems in my life.

I was released from prison and did my other 5 years on parole without any incidents, so now I'm done with that. Don't I wish…! I'm now married to a beautiful wife who is the mother of our two children. Junior is 16 and doing well in school but he's become a real loner and that worries me. Sissie is my late in life child and has just turned 7. She is the apple of my eye. Sometimes I can see in their eyes how much they want to be able to do the things other families do. They don't understand why they are being punished for my 20 year old mistake. But I will let them speak for themselves on this subject.

My Loving Wife,
My family is just like yours, except that my children cry because we are not allowed to decorate our house for Halloween or have our oldest child give out treats at the door to the ghosts and goblins. We are punished! My family is just like yours, except that I cannot remember the last time I had a good night's sleep. We are afraid someone will harm our family because they saw my husband's name on the registry. We are punished!

My family is just like yours, except our pain is on the internet for all to see and gossip about. It is the first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I think about before I go to sleep. The thought eats at my very soul. We are punished!

My family is just like yours, except we cannot know the joy of a holiday family dinner; my husband is a RSO and cannot join us because his sibling's children will be there. We are punished!

My family is just like yours, I know he loves us; sometimes it's hard though not to take my anger at the laws out on him. He's a good husband and father, why can't everyone let us live as we'd like to, just like them. But yet we are punished!

My Son Junior,
My family is just like yours, except no one's parents allowed them to come to my birthday party. I was so hurt!

My family is just like yours, except we have to move a lot. The laws and restrictions change every year. We moved too close to a church this time. I hope the kids won't be mean to me in my next school. I have no friends!

My family is just like yours, except my sister's friend said; "Your Dad is a pervert!" as she showed my sister a flyer about my Dad that was handed out in the neighborhood. We are humiliated over and over again!

My family is just like yours, but my Dad can't come to my baseball games or to the school play I was in. I was mad, sad!

My family is just like yours, I want so bad to go to the park and have a picnic with my family like I see the other kids do, but my Dad is not allowed in the park. We are treated unfairly! My family is just like yours, but I am afraid to go to school every day because the kids call me and my dad names and sometimes I get in fights. I think I would be better off dead. They make me feel worthless!

My Daughter Sissie,
My family is just like yours, but I have scars on my arms from cutting myself when the pain in my heart gets too bad. I am in distress!

My family is just like yours; my Dad is a really great guy. We have fun playing in our yard, he reads me great stories, he tucks me in at night, and he doesn't get real mad and hit me like I see some other fathers do. He told me he made a bad mistake years ago, and he still has to pay for it. I just want to know if it will ever stop and why can't everybody see what a great guy my Dad is? I cry inside every day!

My family is just like yours, except my dad cannot see me in my school play or talk to my teachers on parent-teacher night. My dad cannot take me to school or pick me up when I am sick. This is unfair to ME! I am being punished! My family is just like yours, except my dad lost his job and cannot feed us. I heard mom crying, saying, "Is it ever going to end?" Can you answer her question, please?

My family is just like yours, except the other kids cannot come over to play at my house and I am not allowed at their house either. What did I do? I don't fit in, my life sucks!

My family is just like yours, except mom cries a lot because people say mean things to her. The man at the gas station made her cry. What gives him that right? Is it right to punish my whole family, forever?

Reform is desperately needed, families are in distress and children are suffering! If you feel as we do, PLEASE contact your local and state government representatives. Tell them that it is time to stop the ongoing war and punishment aimed at Former Offenders and their families! Get Involved! It is the loving thing to do.

Children all over this nation are being punished for the past crimes of their parents. We are creating a generation of emotionally injured, marginalized, angry children.

Laws have been created that were supposed to "protect" children. Are they doing this? NO! Experts in the field of research and treatment of sex offenders are reporting that these laws do not work and are causing more harm than good. There are approximately 674,000 registered sex offenders nationwide. If we assume that just 2/3 of them are married and allowed to live with their wife and 2.5 children, that means that there are 1,680,000 people who did nothing wrong but are being punished every day by these laws.

Robert G Tronge

Studies consistently show that stable employment, residence, and family support, greatly reduce the already low re-offense rates for sex offenders. Treatment lowers re-offense rates even further. Currently, states offer virtually no policies aimed at prevention before abuse, only punishment after the fact. Current policy exacerbates the factors which contribute to increased recidivism, thus putting children in danger. The Unintended Consequences of current policy affect not just offenders, but also their children, spouses, families, and employers, as well as the community at large. The best way to be tough on crime is to be smart on crime. Support restorative justice.

After reading this brochure, did you happen to ask yourself; "If this is true, why do I see the media reporting something completely different?"

While the incidence of violent and sexual crimes has fallen steadily, the media has promoted fear by increasing the amount of articles written pertaining to these types of crime.

Robert G Tronge

The media has also promoted falsehoods regarding the reoffense rates of former sex offenders. Below are the facts from the Department of Justice, regarding these and other reoffense rates of:
DUI = 78% Theft = 34%
Drug related = 30% Assault = 15%
Sex Offenses = the lowest at 3.5%

The truth is sex offender laws are causing significant and unnecessary harm while costing millions of tax dollars each year. Thinking people agree; It is time for a change! Will you help us make that change? For more information or to make a donation, go to
A voice of reason in troublesome times.

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